So About School…

I should probably mention that I’m going to school – I’m almost finished with two weeks worth of classes! My school is located in a Winter Palace, so needless to say it’s beautiful. I take two classes on Mondays and two classes on Wednesdays. It’s a struggle to be at school for 6 hours in a day, but I think I’ll enjoy the long weekends. The teaching style is definitely different than what I’m used to, but I  have a leg up coming from a University known for small class sizes and lots of participation, because my professors here love to interact. I have two Czech professors, a German professor, and an American professor. It’s been a struggle to stay awake in class (thanks time change), but I’m hoping classes will be manageable. Luckily I’m here to learn more than what is taught in class!

And I’ve already learned a lot about the city! Did you know that the Lennon Wall is similar to the Berlin Wall? Post-communist youth would graffiti the wall as a way to express their political opinions. People have continued on the tradition, only know there are more tags about peace and love. When I visited, it was pretty amazing. A Czech guitarist played Beatles songs and it was a perfectly cloudy day. My roommates and I could have stayed there all day.


Another thing about the Czech Republic: they’re very quiet. At our orientation we were told that Czechs can spot an American a mile away…mostly because we’re loud. Hence the Czech quiet law from 10pm to 6am. If you make noise, you’re heavily fined.  And their transportation system is very quiet! Nobody really speaks and there is a system to the escalators. Standing on the right, walking on the left. Everyone on the streets is quiet, too. Nobody makes eye contact, really. To be honest, it’s somewhat similar to Orange, where everyone is looking down – except in CA it’s because they’re glued to their phones. I heard that eye contact is a sign of flirting here. Sorry for trying to be friendly, everyone!

I’m eager to learn more about Prague and its historically rich culture. There’s so much to see!

As for recently, it snowed for the first time today! And it was really nice. It was just enough to feel like Winter here (besides the 30 degree temperature). The snow showers distracted me from paying attention in class. I mean how could you listen to a lecture when a white sky is right outside the window?

Tomorrow my roommates and I head to Budapest for the weekend!



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