Spring Break in Croatia

For Spring Break, three of my roommates and I went to Croatia. We started off in Split, Croatia where we took a weekend trip with Bus2alps (a student travel agency). Split is BEAUTIFUL! The boats and palm trees made it feel like an actual spring break vacation, rather than being in the middle of a European metropolis per usual. Split is a big port for cruise ships, and it definitely reminded me of somewhere I would have gone on the cruises my family and I used to take.


The Adriatic sea lines the perimeter of the town, which is spotted with tons of cute gelato shops and a spring market. It was also really cool to see Diocletian’s Palace, which surrounds a small part of the city center. On our weekend tour we went on an island hopping tour to Brac and Sutivan. While it was too chilly to go in the water, the views were great and the boat ride was fun.


Another great part about Split was the fritters (or as they call them, fritule)! Basically a deep-fried ball of funnel cakey goodness, the fritters were delicious. I got them twice. I also got a lot of gelato this week…but that could be a whole post in itself.


After a lot of fritule and a boat ride through the Adriatic sea, we joined a bar crawl held by our tour group which included pizza, drinks, and a lot of fun dancing. Since our last day in Split was on Easter Sunday, after walking through the bell tower we happened upon Mass in the church of Diocletian’s palace. It was such a cool experience to see a celebration in another country. The church and procession was beautiful.  When our weekend in Split came to an end, we headed on a bus to our next stop: Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik, Croatia is about 4 hours away from Split by bus. Although it’s pretty close and still a part of Croatia, we had to go through Bosnia and Herzegovina to get to Dubrovnik because of Yugoslavia’s unusual border shape. So technically we checked another country off our list! Woo hoo!

In Dubrovnik we stayed at an Airbnb rather than a hostel like in Split. AKA we had our own apartment in Croatia for 3 days. And the view from the apartment was spectacular! We were right on the water and had a great view of another island.


It was like we were dreaming! Here we are, four young college girls, spending their “holiday” in this oceanside paradise.

But before we really got to explore Dubrovnik, we went on a day tour to Montenegro. In Montenegro we went to Budva and Kotor. Budva is a cute coastal town where we had lunch and did some souvenir shopping. Kotor is a medieval city with Romanesque churches and well-kept historical buildings (both Dubrovnik and Kotor are UNESCO recognized).


It was really fun to be able to go to yet another country for the day. Everything is so much closer together in Europe!

After our day trip to Montenegro we headed back to Dubrovnik for some rest before a full day of exploring. While in Dubrovnik, my roommates Marissa and Betty went on a Game of Thrones tour while Jenn and I walked the city walls and wandered through the old town. Dubrovnik is very medieval and very well-preserved. There’s so much history to see!


Again, I ate a ton of gelato within these city walls. My roommate Jenn and I went on a gelato crawl before she got a tattoo in the old city. We then joined up with Betty and Marissa for lunch at “Spaghetteria Toni”, a recommendation by our Airbnb hosts. After some more souvenir shopping and sight seeing, we called it a day and went back to the apartment to rest. Our final day in Dubrovnik was full of sleeping in, relaxing by the beach, and scarfing down some food before heading back to Split for the night to catch our planes home. For the first time on our trip, we were sort of sad to be leaving. Croatia was beautiful, and of course it didn’t help that the weather was great and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as we were leaving! Croatia took me by surprise this Spring Break, and now it’s on my list of favorites for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Break in Croatia

  1. We took a cruise that stopped in Split and Kotor a few summers ago. It was August and crazy hot, but I thought the cities were very cool. We had a great day in Kotor because we had an Olympic water polo player as our driver and we spent the day on the beach at a hotel he talked us into. I’m glad your having such a good time. I studied abroad for a summer but a semester gives you so much more time to see things. Have fun!!


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