Jaci comes to Praha

After Spring Break, I headed back to Prague. Coming from nice weather in Croatia, I was afraid that the weather would be freezing when I headed back to Prague. When I made it back to Prague 1, though, the weather was great! I wasn’t cold without a jacket (for once) and the sun was out. I was really excited to see such great weather because my friend Jaci would be visiting for the weekend. Since I visited her in London, it was her turn to visit Praha! She arrived late at night on Thursday, so we just slept in and planned to sight see on Friday.

When we woke up on Friday, the weather was rainy and cold (unfortunately). I thought the nice weather was too good to be true, and for her first full day in Prague, the weather sucked. We were really cold, but we trekked on to Prague Castle to see a view of the city’s red roofs, St. Vitus’ Cathedral, and some other famous areas. It was raining and we didn’t think to bring gloves, so we were dying a little. I wish there were less clouds in the sky that day, because the panoramic view from Prague Castle is great!

Next we headed toward Old Town Square to see the Easter Market before it closed. I have been traveling nearly every weekend since it’s opened, so I didn’t have the chance to see the markets yet. It was a new experience for both of us, but it was one of my favorites. The markets in Prague are really something special. There were tons of knick knacks and Easter eggs to buy, along with rows upon rows of food stands – my personal fave. Fresh spiral chips made from a drill, thick hot chocolate, marzipan, sausages, kebabs, and cronuts on a stick. The cronuts were AMAZING! I feel like a broken record because all I keep saying is “that was amazing” or “great” or “cool”, but there really are no words. Jaci and I each got the croissant/doughnuts on a stick, and they did not disappoint.

We got the glazed, pistachio, and cinnamon-sugar donuts on a stick. I’ve never had a cold donut that was so good! We continued to walk around Old Town Square, and then went to the TV tower for another view of the city.

For dinner we ate at a Mexican restaurant called “Agave” with three of my roommates. After that, Jaci and I went to Lucerna music bar. Lucerna in itself is an interesting experience…and that night was no exception. The 80s and 90s music was strange that night, and the people were stranger. I’ve only been to Lucerna a few times and usually it’s full of American study abroad students. When I went with Jaci though, it was full of German students and creepy old people. We had a lot of fun dancing through the awkward encounters with weird strangers and laughing about all the eccentric dance moves going on next to us.

On Saturday the weather took a complete 180 – it was sunny and warm! This is the day that I got to show most of the city to Jaci. Since the weather was so nice, pedal boats were finally open to rent. Jaci and I took a pedal boat along the Vtlava river. From the river, you can see Charles Bridge, the castle, New town (where I live), and Kampa island. It was one of my favorite experiences to be able to hangout on the river with an old friend. We pedaled so much, though! We only rented the boat for an hour and we lost track of time so we had to marathon-pedal our way back to the rental spot in 3 minutes!


For the rest of the day we visited Old Town Square, the Lennon Wall, the Saturday farmer’s market, and everything else you can squeeze into one day. We ended our day of exploring with some ice cream-filled Trdelnik. Trdelnik is a cinnamon-sugar chimney cake that is located on literally every street of Prague. It’s delicious! We got ours from “Good Food Karlova 8” in Old Town, which is known for their blizzard strudels (the ice cream ones). Our trdelniks were filled with strawberries, nutella, and vanilla ice cream. Yum! That night we met up with my parents, who flew into town! We all grabbed dessert at Café Louvre. It was a struggle to get seats there, but it was a funny struggle because my very American dad likes to insist he knows best and kept trying to get a non-smoking table by walking up to the waiters. This was the first time I noticed that I’ve grown accustomed to studying in Europe, because I could pinpoint all the “American” things my family was doing and laugh a little on the inside.

On Sunday, Jaci’s final day, we spent the day with my family. It was a great day of sight seeing and lots of laughs, but I’ll get into more of the details on the next post (family blog coming soon)! I loved having my friend and family all in one place. All in all, I had a great time showing my friend around my new home that weekend. Being able to explore Europe with Jaci was so much fun. Not many people get the opportunity to travel with friends, and I cannot wait to look back on this memory in a few years and see where life has taken us.

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