The Lads are Abroad

May 11th to May 14th:

Laura came to Prague!! On Wednesday afternoon, one of my best friends from home, Laura, arrived in Prague with her best friend from school, Andrea. Needless to say, it was so much fun having them here! Just three gal pals exploring Europe. School ended in April for them so they’re traveling around Europe for 17 days, making a pit stop in my new home (the best pit stop they could make).

Here’s a really short summary of what we did:

After picking them up at the bus station, I showed them around Prague a little bit (aka we got McDonald’s) before heading back to school for a class presentation. After school, we met up again so I could show them my apartment and we went out for the night. On Thursday and Friday I showed them the city’s highlights – Prague Castle, The John Lennon Wall, the Vltava River, Kampa park, Petrin Tower, etc. We also saw some not-so-typical things like the peeing statues by the Kafka museum, and the mirror maze and fairy grotto at Petrin Hill. We ate Italian at Pizzeria Donna, and Mexican at Cantina because being from California we’re obligated to eat Mexican food all the time. On Saturday, Laura tried a trdelnik for the first time and we all went to a soccer game. Sparta Praha won and fans stormed the field! There was even a fire from the flares that fans lit…Sparta fans are overly enthusiastic. After the game, we had Czech food for dinner and went to an absinthe bar so that they could experience a real taste of the Czech Republic, throat-burning alcohol and all. Basically, I showed them the ordinary stuff around Prague, but it was extra-ordinary because I got to share the city with friends! These kinds of posts get repetitive for me. So rather than explaining everything we did, I’ll post pictures of their time in Prague instead. We didn’t take nearly enough photos 😦 but that’s okay because it means we were too busy enjoying ourselves. What a great 4 days it was!!!

Each time someone visits me I fall more and more in love with Prague. Showing everyone around the city that I’ve grown to know pretty well, I get to experience Prague through someone else’s perspective. With only a week left abroad, having Laura and Andrea here gave me a greater appreciation for Prague. Doing touristy things can be exhausting, but doing them with friends never gets old! I would show them around forever if I could…already having friend withdrawals!


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