It’s my last full day in Prague and I’m starting to get sentimental. What are the things I’ll miss most? What won’t I miss at all? These are the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and my roommates and I have been talking about it a lot. On Kim’s last full day, we were constantly pointing things out, saying things like “I’ll miss the Lennon Wall”, or “this is our last time on the river”, “the last time on the tram”, “the last magnum bar we’ll eat here”…you get the point. So I wrote down a few of the things we will and will not miss about Prague.

Things I won’t miss:

  • The STEEP hike up Petrin Hill
  • The damn church bells
  • The spiral staircase from hell in our apartment complex
  • That the first floor of a building here is really zero
  • The fridge (or lack thereof)
  • The constant messiness of our apartment
  • Marissa walking around almost naked
  • The night not starting until 1am
  • The old men at Lucerna
  • Entitled American students
  • The confusing grocery stores
  • Ingredient lists and cooking instructions in Czech
  • The lack of vegetables
  • The walk from Narodni Trida to our apartment
  • Showering in a 2X2 cubicle
  • The awkward exchange to get the bill at a restaurant
  • The crowded trams because tourist season

Things I’ll miss:

  • The red roofs surrounding Prague Castle
  • The view from Petrin Hill
  • The murky Vltava River and how it turns beautiful at sunset
  • Paddle boating on the river
  • Paprika chips
  • Kinder Bueno bars
  • Eating ice cream for nearly every meal
  • Going to the mini mart nearly every night (MAGNUM BARS)
  • Turtlenecks (Trdelník)
  • All of the good food
  • Pštrossova
  • My bff barista at Pštrossova 27 – shout out to him
  • Justbagel
  • Chocolate chip pancakes at the Globe
  • Ristorante Adriatico – our first and last meal as roommates
  • The view from my bedroom window
  • My roommates
  • Staying up late playing cards
  • New friends
  • Going out at night
  • The confetti drop at Retro
  • Sparta Praha!
  • Hockey game
  • How affordable everything seems to be
  • The fact that my groceries never cost more than $15
  • The musicians at the Lennon Wall (Here Comes the Sun ***)
  • Absinthe bars
  • How beautiful the city is




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